Why use a Realtor when buying a new home?

Nothing quite compares to a brand new home...it's all yours and (hopefully) exactly what you expected.  But buying a new home isn't without it's challenges. With thousands of choices and lots of $000's how to do manage expectations and your budget? And more importantly how to you compare home builders and evaluate their quality?  Of course the model homes look amazing, but what will your house really include?

The truth is you need an experienced new home specialist to represent you through the process.  And the great news is our services are TOTALLY FREE.  We work with just about every homebuilder in Colorado and the home price is the same whether you have us as your representative, or you buy directly from the builder's sales agent.

What's a new home specialist? Well, for starters, Andrew Batson, is the founder of Copper Homes Limited; recgonized as one of the premier custom builders in Northern Colorado.  Andrew's been a leading real state agent and home builder in the region for twenty-five years. His deep udersdtanding of every facet of new home construction has been instilled in each of our team members. As an added bonus our in-house architect and construction managers are always available for a quick consult.  So, as we help represent you in the purchase of a home from national builders such as Toll Brothers, Richmond America, DR Horton, Lennar and Brookfield you can rest assured that you've got the most experienced team watching your back (and your foundation, drainage, framing, drywall :) 

Our team will help you understand which options on a new home are true must haves and which options and add to resale value and which options are way over priced and add no value.  Every builder will admit that the city inspectors are there to inspect for code, not quality. And in this market qualified subcontractors are tough to find and the truth is quality can be pretty poor if you aren't carefully watching for mistakes.  Just because you have a one year warranty many flaws may go undiscovered until years later when you go to sell the property, so we insist on  an independent home inspector to review the builder's workmanship now, before you close!  

We're your expert set of eyes and your vocal advocate. We work with hand in hand with the home builders and understand they have a tough job to do.  We just want you to get nothing less than the best.

Remember, our services cost you nothing and we'll even sell your home with just a 1% listing commission when you buy your next home with us.

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