The Best Rate + The Lowest Cost + Exceptional Service

When you use the Your Way Loan team through MAC5 Mortgage, Inc. we're able to deliver you the best rated loan at a minimal cost for you!  We are a full service brokerage set up to meet the consumer requirements and find the very best rate at the lowest possible cost.  We cater to the specific needs of borrowers that have great to not so great credit.  If you have bad credit, let us assist you in navigating your way to a loan that will satisfy your financial needs for years to come. 

MAC5 Mortgage, Inc. was founded as a Full Service Mortgage Company to service the Greater Denver Metro Area and its surrounding communities. As a Full Service Mortgage Broker and Banker, we draw on the lending power of thousands of different loan programs offered through dozens of different lenders at the wholesale level. By obtaining rates for you at the wholesale level, we are able to compete for your business with some of the largest lenders and command the best rates and lowest costs in the industry. We offer a level of personal assistance, customer satisfaction, and aggressive product offerings like no other provider. 

Our highly trained staff, product knowledge, commitment to the job at hand, and dedication, are the key elements to giving the customer the highest levels of satisfaction and service. Our founding partner's vision for the company was to streamline and simplify the loan process, and enhance the customer's experience. 

With the founders' experience in large corporations and with the team's wholesale lending experience, the Your Way Loan team with MAC5 Mortgage is able to provide first class service that ensures absolute success for the client. We also know that the very best compliment in our industry is to earn a Your Way Loan referral from someone you know.

Simply stated, we focus on absolutely truthful and knowledgeable interactions with our clients to create something that is very difficult to find in this industry; the confidence and comfort level that your mortgage broker is actually looking out for your best interests through the entire lending process. 


When does a mortgage or home equity loan help you? 

NEW HOME PURCHASE: Our team is prepared to help you with your purchase regardless of your needs. Whether this is your first home purchase or if you are a seasoned investor, we are prepared to meet your needs. It is quick and easy to get pre-approved before you shop for your new home.

REFINANCE: We can help you lower your monthly payments, avoid the increase of an adjustable rate, or even get cash out of your home. Let us help you save thousands of dollars today!

DEBT CONSOLIDATION: By using the equity in your home, you can eliminate the high cost of revolving credit by consolidating your debt into one simple payment.There are tax benefits included in this financial strategy which will save your hard earned dollars.


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Your Way Loan with MAC5 Mortgage is quickly becoming the premiere mortgage company for Colorado homeowners looking for a faster, more cost-effective and reliable source to refinance or finance their home loan.

What makes Your Way Loan and MAC5 different from other lenders and brokers?
Service - with a focus on simplifying one of life's most complicated financial transactions, and eliminating the stress and worry for you. At the same time, we offer the most competitive products and loan offerings available, assuring you the best level of choice and cost for your specific loan needs.

We offer our customers some of the most highly competitive rates in the industry, while also providing outstanding customer service and follow through, to make sure you are completely comfortable and knowledgable about the loan process.

We strive to make the loan application process faster and easier to use, so that you can apply either online, in person, or by telephone - within minutes. We also provide straight answers to your questions, giving you a clear idea of what the loan involves, and how we are going to proceed to meet your financial goals.

We firmly beleive that the process of buying or refinancing your home should not be a painful process; it should be a process that provides relief, or the means in which you can acquire a ideal home for you and your family.

While many lenders and mortgage companies claim to watch out for your best interests, Your Way Loan and MAC5 stand behind you each step of the way, by providing advice, encouragement, and sharing our knowledge of which would be the best products and services.