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One of the biggest steps in buying a home is getting a mortgage. Our special relationship with makes it easy. YourWayLoan combines online convenience and local experts to assure you the lowest rates, and save you money and time. And, when you purchase a home through Brass Key, and obtain your mortgage through you will receive a $1000 Visa Gift Card to spend any way you like, even on closing costs. You can get started here

How To Get Started

When shopping for a home, it's important that you are pre-qualified for a mortgage before you begin because it gives you more leverage in today's competitive marketplace. You can even get pre-approved or apply today at no cost!  Email or call 303-554-6886 to get started right now.

Your loan specialist will also help you:

#1 Choose the right loan program:
If you do not know the difference between a 5/1 combo ARM and a 30-year fixed rate mortgage we'll help you decide which program is best for you.

#2 Understand rates and points:
If your idea of the best rate is the "lowest rate" then we’ll explain to you the relationship between closing costs and rates, and how this impacts your decision (hint: the lower the rate the more you will pay in closing costs—sometimes this is good, sometimes not).

#3 Get an idea of your purchasing power:
If you are just starting to look at homes and want an idea of how much you can qualify for, we will look at your available cash, income and debts the and then show you an approximate purchase price and loan amount range for a variety of loan programs.

#4 View our available rates and programs.
We will then give you a selection of rates and costs for suitable loan programs. Remember that rates change daily, and each rate depends on the loan amount, credit score, occupancy type, location of the home, loan to value, etc.  We will guide you to the accurate and specific rates for your situation.

#5 Get a Guaranteed Good Faith Estimate
Once you have applied and selected a loan program and rate option we will provide you a Guaranteed Good Faith Estimate.  We guarantee the interest rate and lender fees won’t change.

#6 Relax. We’ll handle the details.

The greatest benefit of working with YourWayLoan is that your real estate transaction and loan transaction will be in perfect harmony.  Title work, inspections, appraisals, etc. will all be perfectly coordinated to insure a smooth, on time closing with no surprises!

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